A new breed of practice management software, helping behavioral health practitioners use technology to move beyond managing the “business” of care.

iionCare is designed to allow practitioners to improve & extend care — facilitating an open dialogue with patients, and introducing a continuum of care that has never been possible before.

iionCare is designed to turn the information of your practice into action, allowing you to keep your “eye on” the care of your patients.

iionCare includes 3 components:

Serves as the administrative backbone to any successful behavioral health practice, including:

  • Patient CRM tool
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Encounter management & charting
  • Intake & discharge tools
  • Practice-level payment administration
  • Practice-level accounts receivable journals & reporting

The game changer for how you interact with your patients, iionLife allows you to extend the reach of your counseling outside the walls of your office. Through our HIPAA-secure patient portal, we offer:

  • Patient journaling, surveys and specialty-specific standardized assessments (e.g. PHQ-9, Kessler-6, etc)
  • Syntax-aware alerts driven by keyword or phrase-based triggers that YOU identify. If your patients journal about behaviors or thought patterns that could suggest self-harm or behavioral regression, this would allow you to intervene on a near real-time basis, vs. having to wait for the next office session
  • Peer-to-peer virtual communities

Accelerates your ability to turn patient encounters into revenue with full claim capabilities with all major insurance payors. Includes all standard EDI sets:

  • 837 / 837P Claim
  • 276 / 277 Claim Status
  • 820 Remittance Advice
  • 834 Enrollment Information
  • 835 Payment Advice
  • 270 Benefit Eligibility

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